Absolute Image Consulting
Atlanta’s Premier Hair Replacement Salon

Welcome to Absolute Image Consulting, a salon specializing in non-surgical hair loss solutions.

Atlanta’s Premier Hair Replacement Salon

Welcome to Absolute Image Consulting, a salon specializing in non-surgical hair loss solutions.

Hair replacement requires more than understanding the latest techniques. ​

It’s a highly advanced art form backed by science.
You deserve personalized hair care to restore your confidence with virtually undetectable treatment options. Absolute Image Consulting brings our extensive experience, technical knowledge, and passion for hair replacement to each client.

Do You Long for Thick Natural Looking Hair?

Hair loss occurs in women and men due to various causes. People suffering from hair loss often feel embarrassed and insecure about their appearance. Some even feel hopeless.

We offer instant hair replacement that blends flawlessly into your thinning hair. These sophisticated techniques work for clients at different levels of hair loss, from minor thinning to advanced stage hair loss

Our clients find hope in an array of advanced treatment options.

You can achieve the thick, natural, and luxurious hair of your dreams.

Absolute Image Consulting’s Innovative Approach

Why choose Absolute Image Consulting for hair replacement?
We pursue perfection!
Achieve beautiful, natural-looking results through our innovative products and methods honed over years of successful treatment.
Hair loss is personal.
Therefore, we treat each client with compassion and a personalized approach. We combine the best available solutions to craft customized results.
Your hair restoration journey begins with a private consultation to understand your unique hair loss issues and your hair replacement goals.
From there, we develop the best path forward to achieve your desired appearance.Atlanta area clients choose Absolute Image Consulting because we know hair replacement is more than how you look. It’s about restoring your confidence and zest for life.
Let us help you find the freedom to thrive.

What Is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

You can restore your hair without invasive surgery.

Replacement hair opens the door to volume and coverage using products and techniques that blend seamlessly to give the appearance of natural hair.

Hair replacement empowers you to have the hair of your dreams without the constant worry of exposure.

At Absolute Image Consulting, we only use top products and proven methods. We select the exact color, texture, and density to build a customized hair solution.
Absolute Image Consulting

Services Guide

Download our Absolute Image Services Guide and learn more about our exclusive solutions for hair loss in both men & women

Before & Afters

Look and Feel Great!

Join our list of clients no longer worried about thinning hair or a receding hairline.

Learn more about how to unlock the secrets to great hair! Contact us to schedule a FREE hair replacement consultation.

Our Dedicated Team Delivers Top Results

We are image makers with a passion for service!
Clients suffering from hair loss typically try multiple hair restoration products. After countless unsuccessful solutions, you may feel frustrated and hopeless. That stops with us! Our priority is your comfort and peace of mind.
Our clients find relief and results! We use our extensive experience, research, and proven methods to deliver innovative hair replacement solutions.
Absolute Image Consulting Hair Replacement
Restoring your appearance takes more than a one-dimensional approach.

We are an independent hair restoration salon. We do not represent or contract with specific brands that tie us to limited treatment options. You get customized solutions based on your unique condition and goals.

We revolutionized hair replacement with this inclusive approach. We put the client first!

Start your hair journey today with the trusted team at Absolute Image Consulting.



Clients love the outstanding results and personal touch from Absolute Image Consulting!
“Shout out to Shannon and Burt for restoring my confidence and making me actually smile when I see my hair! It has truly been a great experience so far and they are an amazing team. So happy I found them online and gave it a try. I feel so welcome and comfortable every time I am in their salon. They are both dedicated and passionate. I am looking forward to a future of beautiful hair and inwardly confidence that I have never experienced before!
Thank you!”
Michelle S.

Transform Your Hair and Your Life

Improve your confidence and quality of life. Hair replacement unlocks the door to the think natural looking hair of your dreams. Start your journey today!

Schedule a FREE hair consultation to explore your customized hair replacement options.