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Is COVID Hair Loss a Real Thing?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have reported hair loss as one of the long-term symptoms of the virus. But is COVID hair loss a real thing or just another myth?

The COVID pandemic has affected millions worldwide, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Along with the commonly known symptoms like fever and cough, many patients have experienced hair loss after contracting the virus.

While it’s true that hair loss can be a symptom of COVID, it’s not always the cause. Even if you’ve recently had the virus, your hair loss might be due to a differrent reason. Several other factors can cause hair loss, including stress, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal changes. When considering the cause of your hair loss, we recommend talking with your healthcare provider or a hair loss specialist to explore possible causes and treatments.

Does COVID Cause Hair Loss?

While people have reported hair loss after COVID, the professional diagnosis is not permanent hair loss. The condition is hair shedding that mimics hair loss and can last for six to nine months before the hair regrows.

The cause of this temporary shedding is likely due to the body’s response to the virus. The immune system’s reaction to the virus can disrupt hair cycles, increasing shedding. This reaction differs from permanent hair loss caused by genetics or hormone imbalances.

Your risk of experiencing hair loss from COVID could be higher if you already have an existing condition that causes hair loss, such as alopecia.

It is important to note that stress can also cause temporary hair shedding. The stress caused by the pandemic could contribute to your hair loss if you have not been diagnosed with COVID.

What Are Treatment Options for COVID Hair Loss?

People experiencing this likely don’t need a more permanent hair loss solution, like hair transplant surgery or medication. Since most people’s hair will regrow, they need an alternative solution.

Hair replacement treatment offers an aesthetic solution without the commitment of medication or surgery. Hair replacement uses a customized approach to replace missing hair using innovative products and methods. The hair replacement process can use a combination of options to customize your appearance, including the texture, color and length of the replacement hair.

Find the Treatment You Need

It is a real phenomenon reported by many people over the last few years. You do not have to wait for your hair to grow back to achieve your desired appearance.

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