Meet Shannon Wright, Image Maker

Shannon Wright Absolute Image Consulting Atlanta Hair ReplacementA recognized leader within the Hair Replacement Industry, Shannon’s expertise is only matched by her commitment to service excellence. She first made her mark as a stylist with one of the country’s most well-known and longest running hair replacement companies. Not satisfied with the one-dimensional product offerings and services, she was inspired to build a business model with multiple treatment options and personalized focus. Since founding Absolute Image Consulting, Shannon has been on the leading edge of every new technological innovation in both men’s and women’s hair loss treatments and solutions. Shannon is also credited for her revolutionized way to improve the entire client experience.

“When a person walks into my studio, my first goal is ensuring their comfort and peace of mind. From day one, I want to earn people’s trust, and ultimately make them look better than they ever dreamt possible.”

~Shannon Wright,
Founder and CEO, Absolute Image