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Hair Replacement Vs. Hair Implants for Women

When women suffer from hair loss, the experience can come with feelings of lost confidence and shame. Often, hairstylists don’t have the knowledge or skill to address hair loss. Instead, women need specialized solutions offered by expert technicians.

When considering solutions to restore or replace missing hair, women usually consider either hair replacement or hair implants. Before moving forward, it’s vital to understand how each procedure works.

At Absolute Image Consulting, we want our clients to understand their options. We are available to discuss your goals and help you make an informed decision. 

What Is the Difference Between Hair Replacement and Hair Implants?

The terms used for different hair replacement options often sound similar. Yet, major differences exist between the procedures.

Hair replacement is a non-surgical and non-invasive way to replace missing hair. Hair replacement for women may include hair extensions, hair systems, and other advanced products. These products use innovative methods to attach replacement hair to the scalp or existing hair to create a seamless and luscious appearance. 

Hair implants require a surgical procedure. The implant process takes hair from the patient and moves it to the balding areas. With implant surgery, the surgeon harvests the patient’s existing, healthy hair follicles and transplants the graft to the balding area of the scalp. The goal is to restore hair growth.

How Hair Replacement and Hair Implants Compare

Both options offer women suffering from hair loss a solution with advantages. Yet, both options also have drawbacks. 

Benefits of Hair Loss Solutions

Hair Replacement Benefits

  • The client can see results immediately after the treatment.
  • We design a customized plan, personalized with color, length, and texture.
  • The cost is much more affordable compared to implant surgery.
  • Hair replacement is a non-surgical and non-invasive hair loss treatment solution.
  • Clients experience no side effects or recovery time.
  • The procedure is reversible and non-permanent.
  • The results offer a natural-looking appearance.
  • Hair replacement helps restore confidence and quality of life.

Hair Implant Benefits

  • Hair transplant surgery offers a permanent solution.
  • After the recovery period of six months to one year, maintaining the hair is low maintenance.
  • The surgery can eliminate lost or thinning hair.
  • Patients can experience restored confidence in their appearance.

Drawbacks of Hair Replacement Solutions

Hair Replacement Drawbacks

  • Over time the hair system requires maintenance to maintain the quality of the appearance.
  • While hair blends and hides well, there is a risk of exposure.
  • The clients should replace the hair system every six to twelve months.
  • Clients may have a learning curve for home care, including washing and styling the hair system.

Hair Implant Drawbacks

  • After the surgery, it takes a year to experience full results.
  • The procedure is cost-prohibitive for many patients.
  • Patients must undergo an invasive surgical procedure, including the risks associated with surgery.
  • The procedure is not suitable for all patients due to a lack of hair for donation or health risks.
  • Some patients experience scarring.

What Is the Best Hair Loss Solution for Women?

Each client must decide for themselves the best option to restore their appearance after hair loss. However, hair replacement offers a quicker and more affordable option with much more flexibility.

Absolute Image works with clients to find the best solution to meet their goals and restore their confidence. We offer compassionate care at our boutique Atlanta salon. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.  



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