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How Much Does Hair Replacement Cost?

Hair replacement opens the door to restoring confidence with innovative and personalized solutions. 

The situation can feel overwhelming when men or women experience lost or thinning hair. The first step is often to understand the underlying cause of hair loss. Is the type of hair loss permanent or temporary? Will you lose all your hair or sections?

The second step is often exploring solutions to restore the appearance of your hair and understanding the costs of those solutions. Prices range widely from cheap and ineffective options to expensive hair transplant surgeries. One successful and financially-achievable option is hair replacement service. 

Will Hair Replacement Work for Me?

Whether you are in the early stages of hair loss or finally ready for a change after decades of hair loss, hair replacement offers a non-surgical way to enhance your appearance. 

At Absolute Image Consulting, we offer various hair restoration solutions for men and women. We evaluate each client’s unique condition and develop a customized treatment plan to meet your hair goals.

Our services work for clients with all levels of hair loss. From total baldness to minor thinning areas, we work with a wide range of clients.  

We have proven solutions to restore your appearance with natural-looking, luxurious hair. We use top-quality human hair to establish a natural look that blends almost seamlessly with your existing hair. 

Restore your appearance and confidence. Invest in hair replacement today. 

How Much Does Hair Replacement Service Cost?

The cost of hair replacement services can vary widely. The level of hair loss, type of replacement product, quality and experience of the technician, and frequency of maintenance appointments impact the costs.

Cheap options exist but typically don’t offer a natural or healthy approach to hair replacement. For example, poorly made or installed wigs, toupees, hair extensions, or hairpieces can damage the remaining hair, make hair look fake, or even fall off. 

Expensive hair transplant surgeries carry an exorbitant price tag and require invasive surgery. Plus, hair transplant surgery usually doesn’t produce immediate results and includes a recovery period.  

The customized hair replacement solutions offered by Absolute Image give clients immediate results at an intermediate price. First, we schedule an initial consultation with each client to learn more about your condition and aesthetic goals. Then, we create a custom treatment plan, including a price quote for the service.  

We work with our clients to ensure you understand the costs before moving forward. For example, some clients only require a small amount of replacement hair to achieve their goals. Other clients need more replacement hair, which involves a higher cost for the replacement hair and application service. 

Take Back Control of Your Appearance with Effective Hair Replacement

At Absolute Image Consulting, we are a boutique salon dedicated to offering innovative hair replacement services. We work with clients who desire to restore the appearance of their hair with a top-quality, non-surgical solution.

Our expert hair technicians have vast experience working with clients at all levels of hair loss. We believe everyone deserves to experience life without the shame or embarrassment of thin or missing hair. 

Contact Absolute Image Consulting to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about the cost of hair replacement services.


Transform Your Hair and Your Life

Improve your confidence and quality of life. Hair replacement unlocks the door to the think natural looking hair of your dreams. Start your journey today!

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