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How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost?

Hair transplant surgery is a hair restoration process performed typically by a plastic surgeon. As with any surgery, the hair transplant cost is usually the most worrying factor. According to Web MD, the price for hair transplant surgery ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 depending on the amount of hair transplanted. 


What Are the Risks of Hair Transplant Surgery?

The procedure includes the risks associated with incisions and anesthesia, including infection, bleeding, bruising, swelling and pain. For patients with health risks, the side effects increase even more. 

Yet, the risks people often don’t consider are the ones that occur well after the surgery. For example, there’s a risk that the procedure won’t work. Also, the process takes up to a year for the hair to grow and meet the surgery’s goals.

Another risk is when patients continue to experience hair loss, they will require an additional hair transplant surgery to restore the newly lost hair. The patient will have to pay for the cost of a second procedure to maintain fullness.


Does Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery?

In almost all cases, health insurance will not pay for hair transplant surgery. The patient must cover the cost of the surgery because it is considered elective surgery.

Depending on your work policy, sick time may not cover the time off, like with other surgical procedures. Check with your employer to determine the leave policy. 

Some surgeons or surgical centers offer a financing option with monthly payments. 


Alternative to Hair Transplant Surgery

If you have experienced hair loss and want an intervention, you have a few options. You may elect to undergo hair transplant surgery. You may also use removable wigs or hairpieces. 

We believe hair replacement systems offer the best alternative to surgery. A hair transplant system uses innovative methods and products to create a custom solution. When working with a new client, we first discuss your hair loss and goals. 

We then develop a plan to replace the thinning or lost hair. We aim to create a look that meets your desired appearance. We can customize the hair color, length and texture for both men and women.

Hair replacement systems are not permanent. However, they typically last six months to a year with regular maintenance. 


Are You Ready for an Effective Hair Loss Solution?

We understand that surgery is not for everyone. In fact, surgery is usually the last option. That’s why we offer a cost-effective alternative to surgery. Our hair replacement systems restore confidence and enhance appearance. 

If you are interested in an alternative to hair transplant surgery, contact us today to schedule a consultation. 


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