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What is a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System?

Non-surgical hair replacement gives individuals experiencing hair loss an alternative to invasive and expensive procedures. Hair replacement systems add vibrancy and fullness while creating a natural-looking appearance.

At Absolute Image Consulting, our hair replacement experts use various methods and products to craft a custom hair replacement system for each client. We understand hair loss is personal. Therefore, we create a private boutique experience. 


What is the Difference Between Surgical Hair Restoration and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Surgical hair restoration is a permanent decision. The procedure is surgical. A cosmetic surgeon typically performs the operation under anesthesia. The goal of hair transplant surgery is to regrow the lost hair. 

For some people, hair transplant surgery meets their goals. For others, the process is too painful, lengthy or expensive. Typically, hair transplant surgery takes one year to experience the full results. Also, patients have no guarantee the procedure will work. 

Non-surgical hair replacement is not permanent. However, the results typically last six months to one year with regular maintenance. The maintenance appointments occur in roughly the same timeframe as routine haircuts. 

Hair replacement systems do not hurt or require a recovery period. Our clients have results immediately after the appointment. Hair replacement works well for individuals who do not want the experience of a surgical procedure.


The Benefits

Are you ready to restore your confidence and create a customized hairstyle? A hair replacement system is an answer many people choose to correct hair loss. This non-invasive solution replaces lost hair using innovative methods and top-quality replacement hair. 

  • More cost-effective option than surgery
  • A non-invasive and non-painful procedure
  • Instant results
  • Versatile hairstyles, colors, and lengths
  • Customized hair loss solutions
  • Easily maintained with routine salon visits
  • Does not require recovery


Invest in the hair of your dreams! Absolute Image Consulting has the experience, skill and compassion to create a customized hair system.


Is Hair Replacement Right for You?

Each person decides the best path forward to address hair loss. Many people find great success with our custom hair replacement systems. The best news is that this option is not permanent. You do not have to commit to a particular look or solution forever. 

If you are unsure how to deal with your hair loss, hair replacement offers a way to explore your options. The solutions work for men and women with lost or thinning hair. Even if you eventually plan to invest in hair transplant surgery, our service works well as a solution in the meantime. 

A hair replacement system can increase your confidence if you feel insecure about lost or thinning hair. You’ll experience immediate results. Whether you want hair replacement for one event or period in your life or ongoing, we have a solution. Do you want fuller hair while you search for a job or attend a reunion? Hair replacement gives you the results you desire. 

Let’s talk about whether hair replacement is the right choice for you.


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