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What is a Hair System?

When searching for hair loss solutions, the options can feel overwhelming. Understanding the differences between various products and services can empower you to make an informed decision.

A hair system provides an effective hair replacement strategy. At Absolute Image Consulting, we offer customized hair systems designed to fit each client’s unique needs. 

How does it work?

A hair system delivers a middle ground between removable hair replacement, like wigs, and invasive hair restoration, like hair transplant surgery.

Hair systems range in complexity and quality. The best hair systems use hand-woven human hair attached to a base that adheres to the scalp using an adhesive. The approach is a semi-permanent solution that lasts between six and twelve months before requiring replacement.

What Are the Benefits of a Hair System?

Non-surgical hair systems can restore confidence without the risks of invasive procedures. In addition, many men and women find success through innovative hair replacement solutions.

Today’s hair systems blend seamlessly with the existing hair to create a natural appearance. The customizable design process includes options for color, length, material, style, and more.  

  • Avoid Side Effects – Surgeries and medications can lead to risks, including unwanted side effects.
  • Fast Results – The results are immediate after the hair system installation. 
  • Luxurious Hair – Hand-tied human hair produces full-bodied hair for a stylish look and feel.
  • Functional – Quality hair systems allow clients to enjoy life without the constant worry of exposure.
  • Cost-effective – Hair systems offer a more affordable option than hair transplant surgery.
  • No Recovery Required – Non-invasive hair systems don’t require healing or recovery. 
  • Improved Confidence – Hair loss can impact a person’s confidence and create insecurity about their appearance. Hair replacement restores self-confidence and quality of life.

Keys for a Successful Hair System

Not all hair replacement solutions are equal. To enjoy the benefits, seek quality and experience.

  • Top Quality Products – Choose the highest quality product to match your hair goals. Hand-tied human hair typically offers long-lasting and natural-looking results.
  • Experienced Hair Replacement Specialist – Work with a trusted hair replacement specialist. Select a salon focused on hair replacement. Also, look for positive reviews and client testimonies.
  • Home Care Plan – Follow the recommendations of your hair specialist for your home care routine. Most hair replacement systems maintain a beautiful appearance without disrupting your normal activities. However, proper maintenance will help your hair look better for longer.
  • Custom Application – A hair system is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, invest in a custom hair solution that blends seamlessly with your hairline and produces a custom fit for your scalp. Your hair system should include styling with a custom cut and color as needed to match your hair goals.

Achieve Your Dream Hair

Hair loss can feel devastating, but there’s hope. A custom and top-quality hair system replaces lost hair to restore confidence. You can feel like yourself again with specialized hair care from Absolute Image Consulting. 

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