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Hair Replacement vs. Hair Restoration – What’s Right for You?

Individuals typically consider hair replacement vs hair restoration when looking for hair loss solutions. People often find it challenging to distinguish between the two and sometimes even use the terms interchangeably.

However, hair replacement and hair restoration are two different categories to address hair loss. Each type includes specific treatment solutions with varying costs and results.

What Is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration includes treatments that restore hair growth or permanently replace lost hair. These treatments may involve oral or topical medication, surgery, microneedling, laser therapy, or other invasive procedures.

Hair transplants are a widely-known hair restoration solution. The patient undergoes a surgical procedure which may include moving hair follicles, removing part of the scalp, or transplanting scalp tissue. The surgery permanently alters the scalp and can pose risks to the patient’s health. Also, hair transplant surgery is expensive.

What Is Hair Replacement?

Hair replacement procedures are non-surgical and do not require a healthcare professional. Instead, hair replacement typically occurs at specialized salons and spas. Hair replacement uses either artificial or donated human hair that attaches to the scalp or existing hair.

Today’s best hair replacement options blend seamlessly to produce beautiful and luxurious hair. Most people with quality hair replacement require maintenance visits with their hair care specialists every six to eight weeks to keep the hair looking its best.

What’s the Best Hair Loss Solution?

Finding the right hair loss solution is personal. The reason for the hair loss also impacts your options. Hair transplant surgery or medications don’t work for everyone. Look at the pros and cons of each solution to decide the best path forward.

Hair Restoration Pros and Cons


  • Permanent solution
  • Natural look and feel
  • Versatile hair styles and lengths
  • No specialized maintenance required


  • Expensive
  • Health risks and side effects
  • Results not consistent or guaranteed
  • Permanent changes to the scalp

Hair Replacement Pros and Cons


  • More cost-effective than surgery
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Instant results
  • Versatile hairstyles, colors, and lengths
  • Customized hair loss solutions


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Must replace the hair system periodically
  • Does not produce permanent results

Hair Replacement Offers More Flexibility

Hair replacement provides a practical and flexible alternative if you aren’t ready for hair restoration’s costs, permanency, or risks. With hair replacement, you can choose from various options to achieve your dream hair.

At Absolute Image, we offer our clients an initial hair consultation to discuss the various solutions we use to create thick, luxurious hair. As a specialized salon, we cut, color, and style your hair to blend the remaining natural hair with the replacement hair system. This customized approach results in a natural and intentional look. 

Our clients enjoy improved confidence and empowerment. You are no longer at the mercy of hair loss. We understand hair loss is personal; therefore, we offer a compassionate approach. Our boutique salon offers privacy where you can feel comfortable discussing your hair loss and replacement goals.

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