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Hair Replacement Vs. Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss solutions come in many different options at various price points and levels of effectiveness. Patients suffering from hair loss often compare hair replacement systems and hair transplant surgery. 

While both solutions restore the appearance of the hair, each option includes pros and cons. Before moving forward with a treatment option, explore the details of each to determine the best path to achieve your aesthetic goals. 

Absolute Image Consulting offers hair replacement systems using innovative and proven products and methods.

Hair Transplant Surgery

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that harvests the patient’s existing hair and surgically implants the follicle into the balding areas of the scalp. With hair transplant surgery, the goal is to restore a portion of hair growth. The transplanted hair will fall out within a few days to weeks after surgery, with the intent that hair growth will resume over a few months to one year. 

The process typically takes four to nine months for patients to experience hair regrowth in the transplanted area. Unfortunately, most patients don’t experience total results until a year after the surgery. 

Hair transplant surgery carries a high cost but hopes to achieve a permanent solution to hair loss. Unfortunately, hair transplants don’t work for everyone and include the risk of infection, bleeding, and even procedure failure.

Pros of Hair Transplant Surgery

  • A permanent hair loss solution
  • Low maintenance after full recovery
  • Eliminate lost or thinning hair
  • Restore confidence in appearance

Cons of Hair Transplant Surgery

  • It takes a year to experience full results
  • Cost prohibitive for many patients
  • Invasive surgical procedure
  • Risks of surgery, including anesthesia risks
  • Not suitable for all patients due to a lack of hair for donation or health risks
  • Some patients experience scarring

Hair Replacement System

Hair replacement systems offer a non-surgical way to replace missing hair. A specialized hair replacement technician uses hand-tied human hair for the replacement procedure. The technician strategically places the hair to blend seamlessly with the hairline and any existing natural hair. 

After placing the replacement hair system, the technician cuts, colors, and styles the hair to create a blended and natural appearance in line with the client’s aesthetic goals. A quality hair system typically lasts six to twelve months with proper care.

Hair systems require maintenance appointments to ensure placement quality and blend with the client’s existing natural hair growth. Hair systems include various options for men and women to achieve quick and effective results.

Pros of Hair Replacement Systems

  • Instant results after hair placement
  • Customizable solutions
  • Attainable price points for service
  • Personalized styling options to match the color, length, and texture
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive hair loss treatment solution
  • No side effects
  • Reversible and non-permanent procedure
  • Offers a natural-looking appearance
  • Restore confidence and quality of life

Cons of Hair Replacement Systems

  • Requires regular maintenance
  • While hair blends and hides well, there is a risk of exposure
  • Must replace the hair system periodically
  • A learning curve for home care, including washing and styling the hair system

What’s the Best Hair Loss Solution?

The bottom line? The hair loss solution you choose is personal. Each person has different goals, budgets, and preferences. At Absolute Image Consulting, we are happy to discuss your hair replacement options.

We are passionate about helping people restore their confidence with effective hair replacement systems. We offer an initial consultation to learn more about your condition and goals. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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